Good things last…..

Measures taken while in public office still operative 20 years later

Automotive Regime

Design to overcome the standard problem of the typical Argentinean industrial plant (small size at world scale and production mix excessively open) it multiplied local production and exports – specially to Brazil, with whom an special agreement was negotiated – attracting several new carmakers and the return to the country of those who had left it (Toyota, General Motors, FIAT) Domestic market grew from 90.000 vehicles to 500.000 units manufactured per year.

Decree 973/93 modify by Decree 379/01

Capital Goods

A tax refund system was established for capital goods manufacturers to stimulate the reorganization, competitiveness and modernization of the industrial sector through the incorporation of capital goods at lower costs.

Interest rate subsidy for Small and Medium Size companies

The scheme adopted was based in a rate bonus pay by the treasury equivalent to four percentage points of the interest rate charged to SMEs on the credits taken by them for investment and conversion, working capital purchase of capital goods, technology and exports financing in the banking system willingly participating of the program.

Establishment of the Undersecretary of State for Small and Medium Size Companies

It was created to design a specific set of regulations to support this sector. The Undersecretary elaborated and sent to Congress the first legal body on integrated regulations the fields of finance, taxes, labor and technology for SMEs.


Program to facilitate credit access for Micro and Small enterprises (up to 20 employees and sales below U$D 200.000)

National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) – Establishment of Regional Delegations

With the objective of taking technological services to every corner of the country, recognizing different regional characteristics, provincial productive systems and their particular demand for technology, it was decided to create a Regional Delegation system for the INTI.

National System of Norms, Quality and Certification

Provision of Infrastructure for normalization and accreditation to promote voluntary certification of products, services, processes and quality systems in companies to improve market access for local products complying with international regulations.


And some things did not last but helped many people…

Exchange Plan

New cars demand stimulus paying U$D 3000 to old units able to reach scrapping and destruction centers by its own means.

Industrial Specialization Regime

Spreads the benefits of the automotive regime to the whole industrial sector, stimulating specialization by product branch

Productive Poles

Public Private Partnership aimed to balance economic growth in regional terms, promoting technology modernization processes and progressive quality improvements, new markets access, horizontal integration among firms and new productive investments.