U$D 100 million in deals closed

Between 2006 and 2009 Carlos Magariños established few Foresight 2020 offices and the Global Business Development Network (GBDNetwork) around the world.

A decade later those companies managed to closed a number of business deals in defined areas of interest (Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, ITC and Biotech). They got exclusive mandates from a number of companies to develop new projects, mobilize funds and technology and close new deals.

Both companies gained recognition and build a track record in the business community by achieving a number of milestones over the years, including:

  • More than 200 well documented reports on few specific topics.
  • More than 60 companies (top in their sectors) as members of our Investors Club.
  • 6 offices strategically located around the world (Washington, Lima, Buenos Aires, México and Mumbai).
  • 60 events organized in Asia, US, and Latin America.

GBDNetwork has achieved tangible results in a short period of time. This shows the vision of the company and (specially) the professionalism of its staff. Working in an articulated manner GBDNetwork is able to integrate information of each Foresight 2020 office, to equalize investment opportunities of dynamic investors.

  • U$D 100 million in contracts closed and concrete negotiations
  • U$D 300 million in exclusive mandates to close new business
  • Advisor of an investment portfolio that exceeds U$D 80 million

Likewise, Carlos Magariños has been member of a number of Boards and International Advisory Boards in private companies and public welfare organizations as well as in Academic Institutions, including, among others:

  • Global Alliance of SMEs
  • Center for Energy, Environment and Water
  • Montevideo Circle
  • Renmin University of China
  • University San Ignacio of Loyola
  • San Ignacio College