CONFERENCES 2004 – 2000

He has participated in over 500 conferences throughout the world.

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2004 Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference

“Searching for Win-Win: An Asia Open to the World,” inserting local industries in global chains and production networks: opportunities and challenges for upgrading with a special focus on Asia.

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Boao, China

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2004 Chamber of Economy

Conference speaker

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Zagreb, Croatia

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2004 UNCTAD XI, Technology Fair of the Future

Leveraging New Technologies for Economic Development

Sao Paolo, Brazil

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2004 John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Presentation: “China and WTO” based on the book written with Long Yongtu and Francisco Sercovich


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2004 Biotechnology Forum

Biotechnology, productivity and welfare

Concepcion, Chile

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2004 Kennedy University, “El Caso de los países de desarrollo intermedio“ (“The Case of Intermediate Developing Countries”)

The role of the multilateral system in the provision of public goods for economic development

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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2004 Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales, Seminario sobre “Comercio, Desigualdad y Derechos Humanos”

Keynote Speaker: La Nueva Frontera En La Lucha Contra La Pobreza


Madrid, Spain

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2004 Renewable Conference

Plenary Session IV/A: Policies for Renewable Energy Market Development


Co-Moderator  Bonn, Alemania

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2004 OECD Ministerial Conference on SME Development

Workshop on Enhancing the Role of SMEs for Development

Moderator/Introductory Speech Istanbul, Turkey

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2003 Industrial Development Forum

The Role of Industrial Development in the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals

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Vienna, Austria

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2003 The Russian Federation and Latin American Countries

UNIDO “East – South” Cooperation for International Technology Transfer

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Moscow, Russia

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2003 Fundación Mediterránea (Mediterranean Foundation) Program, XXVI Anniversary

Creando riqueza en una economía abierta a la competencia internacional (Creating Wealth in an Economy Open to International Competition)

Cordoba, Argentina

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Argentina’s ambassador to Brazil. After 20 years, I have returned to the national government. Over the past decade (2006-15), my work has focused on the private sector and academia. I founded Foresight 2020 and Global Business Development Network; I served on the boards of directors and committees of businesses and NGOs in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and I was named Senior Associated Member (Saint Anthony´s College, Oxford) and Senior Fellow (Chong Yang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China) of educational institutions. Previously, I was elected twice by an international committee as the Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (1997-05, ONUDI). I was also Argentina’s Secretary of Industry and its Economic and Trade Representative in Washington DC (1993-97).


Carlos Magariños was the director general of UNIDO for two consecutive periods. He was chosen for this position in open, independent elections held among over 170 member states. During the 8 years he headed UNIDO, he managed a USD1.3 billion portfolio. The successful implementation of reforms under his leadership led to 150% growth in voluntary contributions.