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Argentina 4.0 La revolución ciudadana

This book proposes a “great society” in which empowered citizens narrow the gap with their representatives, institutionalizing new policy in a new way of exercising power that is more open, direct and participatory.


From left to right |With Michel Temer President of Brazil | With Governor Sartori at Governors Meeting Argentina-Brazil | "Llegar al Futuro" presentation at Buenos Aires International Book Fair

A better future is possible and we all have a role to play in its creation. It is a future led by the ideals of liberty, equality, peace and progress.

Carlos Magariños
Llegar el futuo II


Argentina’s ambassador to Brazil. After 20 years, I have returned to the national government. Over the past decade (2006-15), my work has focused on the private sector and academia. I founded Foresight 2020 and Global Business Development Network; I served on the boards of directors and committees of businesses and NGOs in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and I was named Senior Associated Member (Saint Anthony´s College, Oxford) and Senior Fellow (Chong Yang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China) of educational institutions. Previously, I was elected twice by an international committee as the Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (1997-05, ONUDI). I was also Argentina’s Secretary of Industry and its Economic and Trade Representative in Washington DC (1993-97).


Carlos Magariños was the director general of UNIDO for two consecutive periods. He was chosen for this position in open, independent elections held among over 170 member states. During the 8 years he headed UNIDO, he managed a USD1.3 billion portfolio. The successful implementation of reforms under his leadership led to 150% growth in voluntary contributions.